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Hello friends! Today I come to you sharing once again an amazing company that literally has a dress for EVERY woman! No matter the shape or size! is one of the country’s fastest growing retailers of premium quality MADE IN USA women’s clothing! Our dresses are vintage-inspired, independently designed & made with love. They believe in the innate beauty of all our customers. Their dresses help women love & accept themselves, just as they are. For this simple reason their customers love them, and they are building their business by simply loving us back.

In just a few years, Karina Dresses has grown from humble beginnings in our founder’s sewing room to the company known for our signature Frockstar™ brand story & lifestyle. Women all over the US, Canada, Europe and Australia, are raving about their dresses because they make them feel like a Frockstar™.


When I found out about Karina dresses I loved the fact that they have dresses for literally ALL shapes and sizes and the dresses are very flattering! All of their dresses are made of limited edition microfiber fabric that is flattering, breathable and durable. They fit great and they will be there for you, 5 pounds up or down, and all thru your pregnancy, too!

EASY WEAR, EASY CARE Another confession… you won’t need to go the dry cleaners! Karina dresses are all machine washable, drip dry & they never ever need ironing! How awesome is that?!?!?! Also, Karina dresses are classic styles that suit women of all ages – 18-80!

Today I’m styling a Ruby dress that is a wonderful dress for an hourglass body shape, inverted triangle shape, oval shape, and rectangle shape!


Dress: Ruby Dress (black and taupe clover) // Handbag: Thrifted at Clothes Mentor  // Sunglasses: Prada or you can rent them via DITTO (code LOVELYAMY will give you a free month of designer endless eyewear) //  // Watch: Michael Kors  // Heels: Sam Edelam // Earrings: Ebay


I absolutely love this dress and highly recommend Karina Dresses. I promise you won’t regret your purchase! I decided to add a POP of color for today’s look and a leather moto jacket but this dress can be easily styled in so many ways and its SUPER comfy!! 





Thank you friends for joining in today!! Hope you all had a fabulous Sunday and enjoyed today’s Sunday Best!! Till next time!!


P.S. Thank you to Karina Dresses for sponsoring today’s post. All opinions and talk are my own. 

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  • Ethan

    That’s a very lovely outfit. I really think every women will look absolutely ravishing wearing the dress shared in the image. Looking forward to get my one right now. Thanks for a nice contribution.

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