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Hello friends!!! I’m sharing and reviewing a special product today. Selah’s first mobile phone ever and it’s a watch!! Let me give you an intro first..

The hubby and I have been back and forth on whether we were ready to actually get our 10 yr old a cell phone. Lately there have been some moments where we so wished we had a way to get a hold of her, but obviously couldn’t. Now Robert and I are not against cell phones, but in our home we feel like Selah is still too young for one and all the responsibility it entails. Maybe if we had a different circumstance or scenario we’d get it for her, but we just didn’t feel comfortable with her having one just yet. If so we’d definitely opt for a more basic one. I feel torn because smart phones are a saving grace but for a curious child it can lead to danger zones. Selah is a very good child and very obedient to any instruction given to her, but like stated before we just didn’t feel peace with getting her a smart phone just yet. So we put the idea of a mobile phone on hold until I came across  Tinitell Mobile Phone!


  • is super-easy to use!
  • with Tinitell, kids can make and receive calls in a simple and secure way. The device straps around the wrist, like a watch, freeing up a child’s hands and mind and making it easier to play, skate, bike, run and climb.
  • enables kids to play outside more, as it makes it significantly easier for parents to stay in touch with them.
  • is made of durable materials and resists water and dirt (IPx4).
  • simplicity is key and Tinitell is operated through the push of a button. You can add up to 12 contacts on each Tinitell. Tinitell also has the feature to block incoming calls from unknown numbers, so there is no danger of unwanted calls or pranks.
  • instead of a screen, Tinitell has voice labels for each contact, recorded by parents and kids. Moreover, Tinitell has its own voice in communicating essential messages, making it more of a friend than a device.
  • it’s easily tracked on a map in the Tinitell admin app (free to download for iOS and Android).
  • can tell the time – it’s also a watch. Here’s a demo: http://tinitell.com/blog/tinitell-time-is-here/
  • comes in several color options.
  • TING sim card included for US orders (check TING coverage for your area – here)
  • Tinitell watch retails for $149.00 and free shipping is included with any purchase over $100.

I can honestly tell you that this was the exact thing we were looking for our daughter and are extremely happy we found it!! We completely felt at ease with this product being her first “mobile phone”.  All the features listed above were the exact things on our wishlist. We love that it’s super easy to use and safe for any child. Setting up the phone was simple as well! The pre-installed SIM card made it easy to sign up with Ting. Ting offers flexible monthly rates, the best Tinitell compatible subscription and strong 2G network coverage in the USA.  I cannot stop raving over this mobile phone! It is worth every single penny! I’ll need to buy another one soon. My 7 year old is now asking for one as well.

If you are or have been on the hunt for something like this for your child we HIGHLY recommend Tinitell’s Mobile Phone. Our daughter is super happy with it and so are we!! For a limited time they are offering 20% off any purchase when use the code LOVELYAMYSTYLE at checkout. Enjoy!!!!



Thank you friends for stopping by! Hope you all enjoyed this post. If you have any questions about this product let me know below.


This blog post is sponsored by Tinitell. However, all thoughts and opinions in this post are my own.

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